Friday, January 30, 2009

Hannah and Lucy

My daughter Hannah is five. Over the last few months, she has begun watching Narnia. She loves it. We were talking about it the other day and she told me that she really likes Lucy and wants to be like her. The pastor in me can't resist these moments. She and I had a great talk about Lucy and exactly how Hannah can be just like her. There is something beautiful about a little girl being the hero of another little girl. But Lucy is one of my heroes too. My Hannah has a heart that won't quit. She cares deeply about people, about those who are suffering. We've tried to teach her that she can do something about the suffering in the world. When she saw some pictures of kids with bloated stomachs, due to polluted water, she immediately started saving her money to build wells in Africa. It's so convicting to me to see a five year old believe that she can change the world. Lucy is such a great character isn't she? She doesn't do much fighting in the movies, she only once pulls her little knife out. But she holds something far more powerful than a knife. She holds the power to heal people and to bring them life. She restores, she renews. There's a great scene at the end of the first movie, right after the battle, Aslan begins breathing on some of the creatures who have been turned to stone. Lucy looks at him, then looks down at her elixir, smiles, and runs off to join Aslan in the healing of the hurting. That scene might as well have been my Hannah.


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