Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Thoughts

Today is a great day. Free burrito day at Chipotle if you wear some foil.

The World Series ended rather abruptly. So when does spring training start?

UNC is unanimously ranked #1 in basketball to start the season - is it too early to switch allegiance?

I may be getting a new phone number soon. Hopefully it accompanies an iphone if my lovely wife will give the OK for my birthday.

Today is also halloween - and the first time I will be at home doing nothing for a decade or so. I used to help run Harvest Festival at my church and now - well, I get to hand out candy. So nice.

Durham is absolutely beautiful in the fall. Seriously.

My mom is flying in to visit in a few days.

We keep meeting new people here in Durham, so many of whom share our story of just moving here and not really knowing anyone.

It looks like Thanksgiving is going to be crazy fun. We may have more than 30 people in our house! Wait, didn't we just move here? How do we know that many people? God is sooo good!

The Office was amazing last night.

Is gas really $2.65?? When did that happen?

My wife is now blogging. Check it out!

Your turn. Tell me one random thing you're thinking about.


1. I got an iPhone in September and absolutely love it. I did not give into temptation for a year!
2. My mom is also coming into town this weekend.
3. I love not having to do harvest festivals to!
4. My wife just went to buy cheap candy, because we will now be handing out candy. She said none to teenagers, little does she know how many teens come by. They are greedy tall people.
5. I wonder how many of my adult neighbors will dress up and try to get candy alongside their kids!
6. I thought about pulling some pranks and then remembered I am 33 now, and must act like an adult.
7. I have thrown many items at people on Halloween, especially from my roof.
8. I am rambling, just was inspired to write mumbo jumbo.

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