Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don Miller

I got to meet Don Miller today. He's a guy I look up to quite a bit. His books have meant a great deal to me and my own spiritual growth. He's a guy who doesn't just talk about faith, but is seeking to live out the way of Jesus in every way. He recently completed a bike trip across America in which he and a team raised tons of money for Blood:Water Mission - an organization that builds well in Africa. He is also the founder of the Belmont Foundation, which is an organization that seeks to partner with the church in mentoring kids that grow up without fathers.

Anyway, he was in Chapel Hill at UNC as part of the Obama campaign. He led a forum where he simply spoke about his own journey of faith, the issues that are important to him as a believer, and why he feels Obama is the candidate that best matches his values as a Christian. It was a pretty interesting hour or so as he not only spoke but answered questions. You can visit his blog if you want to read some of the things he was speaking about today.


That is pretty cool. Pretty amazing that he lost 100 pounds last year, he looks like a different guy. Pretty cool you got to meet him. Wow man, looking forward to hanging this week man!

holy smokes, i wish i could thank him. When i read i picture him wearing glasses.

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