Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Veggie Tales

Sometimes God uses the strangest things to speak to me - like a Pirate who doesn't do anything. There's a movie theater near our house that shows free movies for kids all throughout the summer. Today's movie was the Veggie Tales "The Pirates who don't do anything." I thought I'd spend some time with my daughter today so I took her on a date to see the movie. The place was packed with mom's, snacks, and hobbit-like children. Hannah and I sat down in the middle of the theater and settled in for the movie. To be honest, I was fading in and out throughout the movie - dozing off a couple of times.

Anyway, the story was about three "pirates" who really aren't pirates at all. They get magically whisked away to a time and place where real pirates are threatening a kingdom. There is a call that goes out for some "heroes" to come and save the day, and here come these pretend pirates. They are wrestling with their own insecurities, their fears, and a general laziness that comes with the title of "Pirates-who-don't-do-anything." The story is basically about these pirates slowly embracing this opportunity to live out an adventure, to overcome their own fears and insecurities, and to truly live out heroic lives.

In the end (and yes, I'm spoiling it for you - but come on, were you really going to see it?), the three vegetables in question receive medals for their bravery. This is the point that God began to speak to me. After receiving their rewards, one of the characters declares that the king had called the wrong veggies - that they weren't in fact real heroes. The king then tells them that it was no mistake that they were called - that they were exactly who he wanted. He reassures them that they had all that was needed in order to fulfill the roles they were called to in this adventure.

I don't know about you, but I personally wrestle with fears and insecurities all the time. I wonder if God has called the wrong person to plant a church here in Durham. I compare myself to other more capable people. I struggle with doubt and fear. Just last night my wife and I were talking and I was confessing these things to her. She is constantly reminding me of all the ways that God has seemingly called us to do what we are doing. God speaks to me through her all the time. In the Bible God speaks through some crazy things - a burning bush, angels, hands writing on the wall, a cloud, even a donkey. This morning, God spoke to me through a vegetable.


God has called you bro. I know it gets hard, but know that it is going to happen. I will be continually praying for open hearts. If they get to know you, they will see what all your friends see (see 1st sentence).

I told you vegetables were good!

Dude! I love veggie tales. "God is bigger than the boogie man"

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