Thursday, July 16, 2009

Date Night

To all my married friends out there, what's the rhythm of your marriage? How often do you go on a date with your wife? How much do you spend? What are some of the creative things you've done for cheap? My wife and I would like to go out every week, but we have basically no money - so we need some creative ideas. Help a brother out!


if you can wait until tomorrow nite, third friday offers plenty for $0...

Kimberly and I go to Duke Gardens quite often. It's free to get in and you only have to pay for parking on certain days. NC Museum of Art is free, Nasher Museum of Art is free for Durham residents on certain days. Free concerts at American Tobacco and Brightleaf Square.

Thanks for the tips guys. Good stuff!

We like to dine and dash... Of course we leave a tip, that would be a bad witness not to.

JUST KIDDING! There are a lot of scheduled things to do that are free of cheap in most major cities... Free zoo days, museum, walk around the mall and make fun of what you were 10 years ago... Walking, biking... Go on a car drive and put in some music that reminded you of being young and growing up (MxPx?) This time of year is pretty easy to get out and find "free stuff".

Me and Kay try to do stuff together every night, and then once a week a more formal, lets go do something away from the house, date night.

Right now we are on a Frisbee kick as far as the nightly stuff. A cheap date night we have done is to go order off the "Why Pay More?" menu at Taco Bell, and go sit at a park and eat it! It's amazing how good Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes taste when you're together. :-)

Rob - Hmm... Dine and Dash sounds good. Haha. Yeah while the weather is nice we definitely need to get out more.

Luke - you're speaking my language man. My wife and I used to do Taco Bell dates all the time in college and our early marriage. We need to get back to the basics!

I'm just a single bloke, but I do have a girlfriend and we try to stay away from restaurants and the such. We love to hike, which is great for the weekends, but not so great during the week. She loves driving out to the beach to watch the sunrise and I love teaching her how to play disc golf. And on lazy days there's always the Red Box and the dollar theater, which is actually up to $3 in some places.

Don't be fooled though, not having money is much more communal than having money. You guys will have a lot more fun dashing than dining. When you're making bank in 20 years you'll remember how much fun you used to have eating taco bell on the hood of your jalopy with a bottle of 3 buck Chuck and some dixie cups. Don't ever get in the habit of going to fancy're better off without em.

For us
- Walking around a park/lake.
- Having a fancy coffee and cake in Starbucks.
- Cycling.

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