Friday, July 3, 2009

Declaration of Dependence

Independence is overrated. Don't get me wrong, I love living in a free country, but I'm a bit over the individualized existence so many of us live. Somewhere along the line we as Americans, maybe even as Christians, have come to the conclusion that we are the center of our world, and that we don't need anyone else. We have become our own masters, and even those of us who call ourselves Christians have become very independent of each other - after all, all I need is Jesus, right? In what has been a very difficult, trying, and stressful time - I'm declaring today my complete and utter dependence. I am learning just how dependent I am on others. Kimi and I live and pay our bills because of the generosity of others. We live on their monthly support which allows us to focus on ministry here in Durham. So we are dependent upon so many in that regard. I'm also learning more and more what it meant when God said "It is not good for man to be alone." We were created for relationships. None of us can live the kind of lives we were meant to live without investing in relationships. We left California 11 months ago now. That's hard to believe. I've learned over these months just how dependent I am on having friends that I can lean on, and friends that lean on me. I've really missed that. None of us is created to do this life solo. I am learning more and more about the depth of relationship available in my wife as well. She is my closest friend, my greatest ally, my strongest supporter and encourager. I am dependent upon her in so many ways.

Ultimately, I am dependent upon my God. I am dependent upon him for his provision, for his love, and his grace. I've made some pretty huge mistakes along the way in my life, and it's my dependence upon him that has sustained me through those times. I'm dependent upon him for hope, for forgiveness, for restoration. I'm dependent upon him for direction, for wisdom, and for guidance. I am trying to plant a church with people I don't yet know, and money we don't yet have. I'm dependent upon him to build his church.

In our finances, we're dependent. In our marriage, we're dependent. In our parenting, we're dependent. In our relationships, we're dependent. In this church plant, we're dependent.

I think we're afraid of being dependent, or maybe just of admitting it. In doing so, we admit our weaknesses, and our need for others. That's not usually the kind of thing we like to announce or celebrate. But I wonder what we're missing by being so independent? In the midst of celebrating a country that is free this weekend, I'd challenge you to celebrate and embrace your dependence.


Great post.
I'm guilty of being too independent. Too closed. I know that.

Well written and heartfelt. I love it when a person lays their heart out. I am so with you, without my friendships with others and God, I would be a nothing/nobody probably dead.

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