Monday, July 27, 2009


I was sitting in Starbucks the other day working on my laptop when it happened. I've seen it unfold probably a dozen times in coffee shops over the years. Some young couple is meeting with some slick salesman who wants them to join his pyramid scheme (close enough anyway) with the promise that what they are about to do is easy and will make them tons of money in almost no time at all. This time, the salesman was selling Identity Theft Protection. He was good I must admit. He knew how to make a sale. He had this young couple saying "yes" a lot. They were excited. It seemed so easy. And to back it all up - he had a catch phrase. "BINGO!" Just about every 30 seconds he'd ask them a question with an obvious answer, and as they responded he would excitedly say "BINGO!" I have to admit, I started looking forward to it. I was anticipating it every time. I even said it with him a couple of times under my breath. I was getting so caught up in all of this that I was ready to join his scheme.

I learned several things from observing this whole thing go down. This week I'll try and unpack some of them for you. In the meantime, let's start with something a little lighter. As far as catch phrases go, "BINGO!" is pretty awesome. What are some great catch phrases that you and I can work into our vocabulary? I'll go first and stay in the classic game department. How about "YAHTZEE!?"


Ew, this guy sounds creepy. But it still sounds like a fun conversation to overhear...

I'm also laughing because you said "Bingo" and "awesome" in the same sentence (I'm @Glowbird on Twitter, and I've spent half my morning trying to rid myself of the word "awesome", lol).

I TOTALLY dig the idea of replacing "awesome" AND "bingo!" with "Yahtzee" but we are going to have consistent spelling issues. Ha ha!

Fun post, thx!

I'll admit I've been that couple before...very sad.

Being a fan of Seinfeld, I'm going to go with "Giddy up". Kramer used to say it all the time.

Nick, me too man. It's the only reason I recognize it so quickly. I think it's a right of passage every young couple goes through. I felt bad for this couple, knowing they had some disappointment in their future. haha

Lisa, my wife forced me to watch Never Been Kissed again yesterday. The kid in that movie says "Rufus" instead of "awesome." Just another option for you.

This post made my day. Bingo!

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