Saturday, August 23, 2008


So we're trying to get Hannah enrolled for Kindergarten, and apparently things are different here in NC. The rule here is that if you aren't 5 years old by Oct. 16 then you can't go to Kindergarten yet. Hannah's birthday is the 21st of October, so she just missed the cutoff. We got a packet of paperwork from the office that will allow us to appeal to get her enrolled, but the lady pretty much said that once people see the requirements, they never come back. Well, we may be the first. Hannah is required to be evaluated by a psychologist (at our expense of course) and she has to take an aptitude test as well as a math/reading test and score in the 98th percentile. She also has to be evaluated by the school, we all have to be interviewed, and we have to get references from her pre-school teachers. Doesn't that all sound like a bit much? I mean, this is Kindergarten, not Harvard (at least not yet!). Anyway, she is so ready for school and I know she will be bored to death at home for another year. So pray with us that everything will go well and Hannah will be allowed to be enrolled. She is so excited about school and I'd hate for her to have to wait.

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