Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tomorrow I get the opportunity to teach three times. First, in the morning I am part of a team of pastors who will be teaching a Father's day message from Ephesians 6. My part is the first three verses and asking the question "How can children build up their fathers?" It should be fun, but I have to keep it short, as three other pastors are doing a part of this too. After that, I'll be leading the high school ministry in a discussion of 2 Timothy 1-2. There's a really cool thing happening there where Paul continues to remind Timothy of his spiritual heritage, and then calls him to become part of someone else's heritage too. He tells him to take the things he has heard from Paul and entrust them to reliable men who will pass it along to others. The gospel is meant to be relational and I think there's a lot of cool things in there to talk about. Finally, tomorrow night I have the privilege of being the main speaker at Baccalaureate for Yucaipa High School. I'm excited about this opportunity as I get to challenge students about their participation in the kingdom of God. I hope to encourage them to pursue hope and healing and restoration in the world and to give their lives away for the sake of others.

Because of the nature of church planting, and the near proximity to our move, I don't have that many times left to teach here. Once we move, I'll have a bit of a sabbatical from teaching as we begin to form relationships and grow a launch team. It will be a good refresher for me. I love to teach, but there are times when I feel like I don't have much to say.

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