Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Senior Supper

So last night was our first Senior Supper of the new school year. It's a time for us to hang out with our seniors and talk to them about leadership and to help create a vision for our group that they can have some ownership over. It was a good time. It's exciting for me that we have so many committed seniors this year. Their love for God is amazing, even challenging for me. They are hungry for knowledge. We sat around afterwards and talked about prayer, how we hear God's voice, why we pray in groups sometimes, and stuff like that. It was just a great time. This Wednesday we will be talking about that whole concept - hearing God's voice. The experience I had where my 3 year old daughter asked me why she never hears God's voice will be a great starting point for that conversation. My friend Jordan and I are planning on simply having a conversation about this idea in front of our students, urging them to join the conversation. I think it will be a fun change from the feeling of a traditional sermon or whatever, a lot less about lecture and a lot more about discovering together.

In other news, the Angels magic number sits at 5. We're taking our group to the game on Friday night so it would be really cool to be there when they clinch the Western Division. I don't know if they'll make it until Friday though. Unfortunately they will probably wrap that all up before then. But I'm holding on to hope!


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