Monday, January 23, 2012

7 Reasons yesterday was awesome

Yesterday was one of the best days we've ever had as a church. Here's why:

  1. People were set free. Many of us CANCELED THE DEBT of someone who hurt us. And in doing so, we not only set them free but ourselves as well. Anger no longer holds the power over us that it did.
  2. Our first ever CONNECTION GROUP FAIR! ->
    This spring STORYCHURCH launches 9 different connection groups. Yesterday was your first opportunity to see each one, to learn about their groups and to get plugged in. If you didn't get to sign up, you can go HERE now.
  3. We played Angry Birds. I'm not talking about that guy who plays on his cell phone all service long - we played it from the stage. That was pretty fun.
  4. The worship team was outstanding. We have seriously one of the greatest teams on the planet and we are so blessed to have them lead us every week.
  5. STORYKIDS continues to be more and more exciting. I am SO IMPRESSED with our leaders, the work they put in, and the quality of ministry they put forward each week.
  6. Speaking of our kids ministry - we added two new staff people yesterday to our kids ministry. Shawn and Annie are HEROES!
  7. Our DREAM TEAM knocked it out of the park yesterday. I saw people switching roles to cover for others who were sick, greeters standing out in the freezing cold (because the 1>99!), people creatively solving problems and finding new and better ways to do what we do, and never settling for "good enough."

What was your favorite part of yesterday?


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