Monday, January 30, 2012

5 of my favorite things about yesterday at STORYCHURCH

Yesterday was another incredible day at STORYCHURCH. I believe we are experiencing some of the greatest days we have ever had as a church right now. Here again is a few reasons why I believe that:
  1. Our Fight For Your Heart series is blowing my mind. We are seeing unbelievable breakthroughs for people as we confront some of the most dangerous attitudes of our hearts.
  2. Andrew Cron made his singing debut for us yesterday. (Yeah, that made the top 3.) Oh, and you can buy the song he sang HERE and watch it above.
  3. STORYKIDS is making giant leaps forward every single Sunday. It is one of the BEST things going for us right now. New check-in, new classrooms, new bright colorful classes, new signs, new technology that has brought in new energy and excitement. The WOW factor has gone WAY UP. (PARENTS - did you know you can follow STORYKIDS on twitter? Now you do.)
  4. We had 15 people at CHAPTER FOUR: DREAM TEAM yesterday learning how they can be used by God in our church community!! YES!! (By the way, don't miss CHAPTER ONE: CHURCH this Sunday.) To find out more about the GROWTH TRACK - go HERE.
  5. Saw this on Facebook from a STORYCHURCH mom this week: "[My son said] I don't wanna go to dr., I want to go to church." - LOVE THAT!!
If you go to STORYCHURCH, tell me what excites you about what is going on right now. I'd love to hear from you.


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