Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Change the World - KIDS

One of the most amazing things to me about STORYCHURCH is our ministry to kids. On any given week, 35% of our church is under the age of 12! That is a significant number - one that isn't common in church world. We believe that God has uniquely positioned us to reach young families and it is incredibly fun to be a church full of little kids running around. The running joke around our church is that you better be careful about what you eat or drink because people often end up pregnant. In fact, there are currently 7 pregnant women in our church right now (though 1 or 2 could be having babies any day!).

Here's what I believe about kids ministry. I believe our kids aren't simply the future of our church, I believe they are our church right now. Our kids are capable of following Jesus, sharing their faith with their friends, and making a real difference in the world. That's why we don't see STORYKIDS as a babysitting service. They aren't simply watching our kids while we do the real church stuff. They are teaching, training, and releasing world changers. Those kids are learning that God loves them, that we love them and that they have something to offer the world as an active part of the kingdom of Jesus.

The second part of our "CHANGE THE WORLD" offering on December 18 is focused on kids. As amazing as our kids ministry is, they have been functioning with old, even broken equipment and outdated technology. Our vision for our kids ministry is to make it one of the funnest, most incredible experiences of a kid's week. Our plan is to update curriculum, technology, check-in procedures, safety, and to really raise the fun and wow factor for our kids. As a parent of three of my own, I want my kids to LOVE their church and to LOOK FORWARD every single week to being there.

The beauty of focusing on our kids with part of our CHANGE THE WORLD offering is that we are investing in the next generation. Our generosity now will have a lasting impact for years to come.

I hope you will join us for this exciting offering together on December 18. Please pray about how you and your family might give generously to see us make a difference in the lives of others this Christmas.


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