Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts for the Superheroes of STORYCHURCH

Hey STORYCHURCH, I'm thinking about you this morning. Yesterday we wrapped up our series AKA and I think it was one of my top 5 favorite days as a church. Here's why:

  1. The Fun Factor - seriously we had a lot of fun. From getting a group of people on stage staring at the sky for 10 minutes while I taught, to some staged crowd-sourced announcements, to superhero cutouts and free t-shirts. We had a good time didn't we?
  2. Worship - Holy smokes. The band just about rocked my face off and the spirit of worship and celebration among you all was incredible. I love to watch us growing in our expression and participation in worship. The new song we sang at the end is called "Great I Am" and you can buy it HERE or watch the video HERE.
  3. Stories - I talked to two people specifically yesterday that told me amazing stories. One of those stories is from a person who is beginning to embrace the story she was meant to live. She has been attending for months, but more as a cautious observer. But Jesus is changing her to the point that while she still isn't totally sure where she stands - she can't help but talk about it with others, share what she is learning, and invite neighbors to experience what she is experiencing. WOW. (Which reminds me, if you have a story to share of how God is changing you through STORYCHURCH - share it HERE.)
  4. Creativity - I am so proud of our AKA series. I think it's one of the best things we've ever done. And you know why? Because someone (Josh Grossmann, to be exact) used their gifts and talents to make it incredible. Here's what we all need to learn from that: STORYCHURCH IS SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU AND I USE THE GIFTS GOD HAS GIVEN US. Seriously if you aren't serving yet, please make your way through the Growth Track and get plugged in. If you enjoyed this series, if it touched your life in any way - it's because Josh poured his heart, soul, time and talents into it. And YOU can have that kind of impact on someone else too.
  5. Generosity - Together we gathered dozens and dozens of shoeboxes full of goodies for kids all over the world this Christmas in partnership with Operation Christmas Child. You guys never disappoint here. Thanks for being a giving church. AND, our kids ministry decorated the boxes and made cards for them - HOW COOL IS THAT?
I'm so thankful for you all and that I get to pastor my favorite church in the world. We're just getting started!!


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