Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A follow up to Sunday

Hey church, can I just say that Sunday was awesome? Seriously, it was an incredible day. I think it was maybe the best start to a new series we've ever had. If you weren't there, make sure you download the podcast and check it out.

Here are a couple thoughts I've had since Sunday. If we really believe that 1 > 99, then here are a few things I'm asking you to commit yourself to:

  1. Pray for your lost friends - Seriously. Pray.
  2. Invite - You do what you can do, and I'll do what I can do. You invite your lost friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives and baristas, and I'll make sure we communicate the life-giving message of Jesus to them in a non-goofy, engaging way.
  3. Be friendly - If you have been to STORYCHURCH more than once, then you are part of the welcome team. Invite someone to lunch, give out your phone number.
  4. Be aware - If our goal is to reach lost people, then constantly be aware of how you contribute to that! Park far away, give up your seat, jump up to get more chairs, walk someone to kids ministry, give them the last muffin, introduce them to someone else.
  5. Serve - join a serve team. We need kids ministry people, greeters, ushers, set designers, artists, cooks, writers, musicians, smilers, hand-shakers, coffee makers, and lots more. Each person helps contribute to an environment where lost people can be found by the One who is pursuing them.


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