Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In case you missed it, CA is on fire. And I'm not just talking about the economic condition. You may know that I have only lived in NC for a year. Before that, I spent my whole life in a little city called Yucaipa in southern California. CA regularly gets fires this time of year, and right now there is a major fire in my city of Yucaipa and the surrounding hills. Many of my friends have had to evacuate their homes. I have many firefighting friends as well. Please pray that God will send cooler weather and that those fighting the fires will have success and safety.

(Thanks to Ron Sheveland for the photo)


I had no idea it was that close to home... I'll let my parents know. I'm sure my dad will want to talk to our family out there to see if they are safe. Definitely in my prayers.

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