Thursday, February 26, 2009


I don't get sick very often. But I've got it pretty bad this time. It started on Monday with a bit of a sore throat. Monday night I was up during the night with a fever, going from shivering cold to sweating and back to shivering again. Tuesday the throat was getting pretty bad. I also had some pretty bad headaches, and the occasional fever. Tuesday night - shiver, sweat, shiver, repeat. Wednesday, my throat was awful. More headaches, more fever. I haven't had much of an appetite either, since it hurts so bad to swallow. Wednesday night I ran a lower fever. This morning (Thursday) my throat felt like a bomb went off inside. So I finally went to the doctor. The first place I went was a little clinic, who tested me for strep (which I was convinced I had) and it came back negative. So they sent me to Urgent Care. At Urgent Care they again tested me for strep (I still think I have it), and it again came back negative. They also tested me for mono, and for the flu. Have you ever been flu tested before? Yeah, you may want to pass on that one. They put a real long stick up your nose until they can touch your brain, and somehow that tells them if you have the flu. It's awful. So I don't have mono, or the flu, or strep (maybe I should get tested again). I think more by process of elimination than anything else, they diagnosed me with tonsilitis. Awesome. So I got 10 days worth of antibiotics, and apparently that should do the trick.

I think sickness is intelligent somehow. It always knows when it's a terrible time to get sick, and then it jumps on you. I am supposed to teach twice this weekend. The first being our normal Story Church weekly study. The second is on Sunday morning at a church in Raleigh. They are helping me to get licensed here in the state of NC as a pastor, and they've invited me to share this week about my calling and what our vision is for Story Church. I'm excited about the opportunity, but I really hope I'm feeling better by then.


Man, I hope you feel better! Where are you speaking tomorrow morning?

River Oaks Community Church in Raleigh.

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