Monday, February 23, 2009

Kicked in the face

I was just reading a blog post that might as well have been God sticking His foot right through my computer screen and kicking me in the face. Here's what it said:

I'm pretty sure the greatest deterrent to following God's leading for most of us is not disobedience, but rather the deep sadness that comes with moving hundreds of miles away from family and loved ones... the paralyzing fear of risking financial security... and the pant-soiling faith-leap of trying something new. But consider the alternative...
Posted by: Ben Arment, Risk Taking

I'm so thankful for reminders like this. The reason Kimi and I dove into this whole church planting endeavor was for that last line - "consider the alternative." I couldn't keep doing the safe, easy, no risk thing. I love that we serve a God that invites us out of the boat to try walking on water.


thanx for the repeat kick in the pants.

Thanks for the post! It's a great reminder to resist the safety and security of inaction. It's crazy how what so many people thought was safe has even proven to be unpredictable. I'd rather step out into the unknown than to have the rug pulled out from under my so-called "safe" life.

Keep dreaming and risking...

A good reminder to all of us. My life feels to safe and it bugs the hell out of me at times. I chose everything because of safety. God is starting to open my eyes more and help me to leap out in faith...

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