Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I flew to CA last week and just got back here again last night. I lived in the same city for pretty much my whole life until moving here to Durham just three months ago. So to go back and visit was kind of a weird experience. I was a little worried about going to be honest. I was worried about being conflicted. Moving across the country wasn't an easy thing to do. Now that we're here, I love it and consider this place home. But for thirty years before that I called my little city of Yucaipa home. I had a great time in CA connecting with family and friends that I miss so much. But after a couple of days - I longed for home. And home has changed. So it was kind of weird being in the place I called home for so long, but not feeling at home. I thank God that in the physical move of houses and stuff, he moved my heart as well. My heart is in Durham. I long for this city to be the place that God intended it to be. I long for resurrection, for hope, and for renewal.

I know that some of you out there have experienced moving. Some of you have lived all over the place. What would you call home?


I honestly can say I don't know what or where is home anymore. I guess for a season it is the lovely city of Durham.

I am glad to here that God has changed your heart, so you truly are at home in NC!! That is awesome! It would have been worse to come back here an think you made a mistake...but you guys are where you are supposed to be...God has such big plans for you and I look forward to watching it all unfold!!
lots of love to all of you!!!

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