Monday, September 29, 2008

Late Night

In the early years of our marriage, we used to stay up really late a lot of nights hanging out with friends or watching movies. Since we had kids, that all changed. But ever since we moved to the east coast, we've kind of gotten back into this late night thing. It's weird, I don't know why we do it. Most nights we're up until at least 11pm. But on top of that, I get these occasional really late nights. Nights when I lay in bed wide awake, with a thousand things running through my head. This is one of those nights. So it's 12:20am right now, and I can't sleep. Most of the time when I can't sleep it's due to worry. I worry about finances, about relationships, about our future. Tonight I can't quite place it. I think I'm troubled, not so much worried. I'm troubled for other people. Their burdens, their struggles. I have some close friends who are struggling, being alone for the first time in their lives. Others are trying to figure out what to do with their lives, and their faith is being challenged in a way it never has before. Others are at their wits end feeling like life has ganged up on them and that it's always going to be this way. Today was an especially difficult day for my wife too. Joy wouldn't take naps, Hannah just craves her mom's attention all day. On top of that, she carries the burdens of her friend in CA. I feel pretty helpless in these situations. I want to help these people, I want to tell them all that it's going to be ok. But there's not much I can do really. It's one of those do less, pray more moments. So that's what I think I'll do now. Pray.


Jeremy, I am with you. Funny how our last thought is usually to pray. I know I sometimes revel in the chaos and wonder what I will do. Then I remember (usually, eventually) my hope is in the Lord. There is something backwards about that...

Be still, and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10a

Sometimes we need to be reminded of it. I almost texted you last night, I was up till 2AM

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