Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Times

I've realized lately that I tend to focus on the negative a lot. So today I wanted to comment on all this is good. Durham is really cool. I love the combination of living in a historical, old city and also one that is growing and progressing - full of college students and people moving into the area. We walked the other day down at the American Tobacco District - a really cool restored part of the city that was once a thriving tobacco industry, and is now a bunch of restaurants and businesses. It was really fun to hang out there and to explore.

The storms here are really cool. Lightning and thunder like you wouldn't believe. The trees are unbelievable. For those who live here they probably don't realize how different this is from the rest of the country. The green here makes my home town look like the Sahara. And I can tell you from recently driving across the country, thank God He didn't call us to New Mexico... or Texas.

Speaking of what's right with the world - my wife and kids. They are awesome. They teach me God's love every day. I am blown away at how big Hannah is getting. To hear her pray - wow, there is nothing more sweet in all the world. And Joy is well... so joyful. She is always smiling. She is so happy.

And the Angels! Come on now - absolutely dominating the West. Even though I don't get the games on TV anymore, praise the Lord for! I get to watch all the games online, so that is awesome.

So am I the only one that tends to get swallowed up by stress and all of that and forgets to practice gratitude? How about you? Despite all the stuff going on in your life, how has God blessed you?


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