Friday, July 25, 2008

God on Caller ID

As we've been preparing ourselves to move across the country and start this adventure of church planting, we have continued to pray that God would add people to our team. One particular family has been on our hearts since day one. Up until now, God had not given them the same vision. However, they did feel that God was stirring them to move, to go, and to be a part of something new, but they didn't know what that was. This week we had dinner with them again, and we connected like we never have before. It was an incredible night. It is so clear that God has been working in their hearts and changing them into something even more beautiful than they already were. After that night, they went home and continued talking and praying with the feeling like maybe God was in fact asking them to go with us. This is where it starts to get interesting.

They were sitting on the couch talking about the possibility of moving. Without knowing for sure, they say "God is going to have to give us a sign or something." Within a minute the phone rings. Not recognizing the number on the caller ID they didn't answer it. But suddenly, my friend felt the need to look up the number. He had never seen it before so he wondered where it was coming from. He jumped on the old internet and searched for the area code. Guess where? Durham, North Carolina. Yep. That just happened. So if that weren't crazy enough, the number keeps calling and guess what it says under the number for the caller ID - CHURCH PLANTING. Are you kidding me?

So this just in.... add Caller ID to all of the ways in which God can speak to us. I don't know how all of this is going to end up, but when you ask for a sign from God and less than 60 seconds later you get a call from Durham, NC that says "CHURCH PLANTING".... I'm just saying.


that is incredible.
i just got shivers down my spine.
im reading your blog for the first time so if you keep it updated ill know whats happening with the whole planting process.
God bless!

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