Monday, March 17, 2008

Baseball and other really important stuff.

So there are some really huge things happening in my life right now, but unfortunately I can't speak of them in a public forum quite yet. In the next week or so I hope to have much to share here. Until then - all I can talk about are things that don't matter to most people.

Halos! So Spring training is in full gear, and my halos are doing great. Lackey and Escobar are both hurt though which means we will start the season with a patched up rotation. I'm in a huge dilemma because Lackey was going to be one of my keepers in our fantasy league, and now I'm not so sure. He won't pitch until mid May, and possibly not until June. I'd hate to waste a keeper on that.

Meanwhile, our Yucaipa High baseball team is kicking some butt. We are 6-1 so far, 2-0 in league play. Next week we go to the National Classic in the OC, and it should be a great test for us. We love to play nationally ranked teams and to see how we measure up. I think we've got a chance to turn some heads.


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