Monday, January 21, 2008

Strange and Sad

Our high school and college students leave this weekend for Winter camp up at June Mountain for a few days of snowboarding. I'm a little sad about it today because this year I'm not going. We decided months ago that I would stay here because of the baby, not being sure when she would arrive. So a friend of mine is going to teach and the rest of the staff is covering everything else. It's the first time I've been home while the youth group goes anywhere. So today we were going over any of the last minute things that need to be done and I guess it just really hit me that I won't be there. I don't really like snowboarding/skiing, so missing that part of it is totally fine. But I love the drive, talking with kids on the bus, the hanging out in the rooms, the meal times together, even having them laugh at me as I struggle to ski without falling. Man, I just love our students.

While the students are at winter camp, I'm going to Biola on Saturday for the alumni game. That's always fun - just to see my old teammates and hang out and laugh together. I miss those days a lot. Then on Monday I have a coaches meeting at the high school, and from there baseball will be starting for me - which means my life is about to get pretty busy. I need to make sure I am intentional about spending time with Hannah and with Kimi. It's going to be real easy to be tired, but I just have to keep it as a priority. Trying to balance my family, my ministry, my coaching, and my thoughts about everything else is going to be a challenge.

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