Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Twice now in the last week or so we've had labor scares. About a week ago after our refresher course on having a baby, the nurse suggested that Kimi get checked out because of her frequent braxton-hicks contractions. She was definitely having some contractions so they gave her a pill and that stopped things. Today Kimi called in tears saying her stomach was hurting, so I raced home and sat with her as we timed things and called the doctor's office. After a bit they stopped, so that's good. However, it really looks like this baby is wanting to come out. We really want her to wait until at least the 1st of January, because that's about the 37 week mark - which they say is ok. So two more weeks - that's all I ask!

It makes me realize that despite the nine months of waiting for this baby (add to that the time waiting to conceive), we aren't ready yet! There's still much to be done. Kimi had nothing packed yet, nothing for the baby is washed or ready to go, and I'm still trying to build a dresser for the baby's room - which is proving more difficult than I realized it was going to be. Not to mention that right now everything is gearing up for Christmas and we have all of that stuff still to think about. So yeah, those two weeks are really important right now.

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