Friday, November 2, 2007


So this week has been kind of crazy. Every October 31 is our church's "Harvest Festival". This year's event had more than 3,500 people attend which is I think our biggest attendance ever. Last year we had 2,400 so that's a pretty huge difference. Anyway, the student ministries department is responsible for planning, coordinating, and eventually pulling off everything it takes to make this event happen. It's a long day to say the least. This year was 8am to 11pm non-stop on my feet setting up the event. I'm thankful for all the people that came out to help us this year - we had more help this year than any year I can remember. All of our game booths were set up by lunch time, which allowed me to feel a little less stressed about the rest of the day. Clean up afterwards went just as smoothly with lots of people hanging out to help us out. We had an army of blowers going to clean up the parking lot from all of the trash and hay.

In preparation for this event I designed a new church brochure which would be handed out to everyone who came in the gates. I'm not a designer really, but I enjoy doing that kind of thing. We made it look like a CD booklet. It's fairly simple, with lots of pictures. I like the final product.

This Sunday starts a new service alternative that is happening on Sunday nights in our building. It's just for the month of November, but that means that our sometimes chaotic youth building has to be in better shape than normal because of the service. I'm playing a role in that, mostly because I know the room, the lighting, the sound system, the media, etc. But it also gives us a chance to try out some different things. Our new pastor is eager to start a different kind of service, as right now we are running just one service - and it's pretty tame. He wants to see us do something with a little more life and a different feel. So this month we are trying it. I hope it goes well. I think it's the kind of thing that could be really good for us as a church.


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