Tuesday, May 15, 2012

7 things I'm learning right now

This is simply a collection of random things I'm learning right now:

  1. Following Jesus is messy. Those that see the world in black and white, clearly right and clearly wrong choices aren't living in my world. I'm not saying that there aren't right and wrong choices, I just don't think they are always that clear.
  2. I just finished a book by N.T. Wright called "Simply Jesus." I wouldn't recommend it for easy reading - it was heavy and often difficult. But it was rich and deep. Here's a short summary of the book: Jesus is awesome. He's the King who has initiated a kingdom where things on earth are becoming "as it is in heaven." 
  3. I spent parts of last week with a pretty controversial leader in church circles. Guess what? No one outside of the church cares how controversial he is. No one outside of the church bubble is debating what he says or writes. They are learning to love Jesus because of this person's winsome and loving approach. It brings to mind what I heard Andy Stanley say one time - "We can make a point, or we can make a difference." 
  4. At that same gathering I was reminded of God's love for me simply because I am His child - not because of anything I do. Crazy unbelievable love.
  5. Sin is painful. It's painful to watch those who have to live with the consequences of their choices. It's painful to watch the ripples carry through to family and friends and just about every area of life.
  6. Friendship is really valuable. I spent a few days with some friends in CA last week and they restored my soul. So did In-N-Out and lots of mexican food.
  7. Marriage is the greatest gift of God outside of forgiveness. My marriage is more important than my relationship with my kids and more important than ministry. If the only significant thing I do in my life is to have a healthy marriage I will consider myself wildly successful. 
What is one thing you are learning right now? Join the conversation.


Excellent perspective. I love this quote, "We can make a point, or we can make a difference."

Thanks for the comment Mr. or Mrs. Unknown!

Tell your soul we said, "you're welcome."

I am learning that Jesus was (is) an outlaw, and not necessarily an easy going kind of guy to some folks. Scripture is clear about this fact in many areas....but i am just realizing this fact in my head and trying to learn from it. He was also playful....which is funny to me.

All 7 resonate with me. Thanks for sharing. Press on.

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