Thursday, January 6, 2011

Courage pt.1

This week we launched a brand new series at STORYCHURCH called Courageous. In case you missed it, you can listen to the message here. My plan is to reflect a bit more each week here on the blog to both reinforce what we're learning together and to give opportunity for further learning and discussion together. So jump in to the discussion!

I believe that when it comes to Courage, there are several myths we believe about those that seem to have it and those that don't. Let's tackle a couple of those here.

Myth #1: Courageous people aren't afraid.

It's funny really to think about, but many of us really think this must be true. We see people that take courageous steps and we assume that they don't feel the fear that keeps me and you grounded. We say things like "I could never do that" and we justify our fears as something we could never get over. But the truth is that courageous people are just as scared as you and me. Maybe even more so. Because unlike you and me, they actually put those fears to the test. Instead of being potentially dangerous, or potentially risky, they remove the "potential" and just go ahead and live the dangerous and risky. I love how in the Scriptures there is this constant command to not be afraid. Joshua is told around a dozen times between Moses and God himself to not be afraid, to be strong and courageous, to not fear. The only reason you tell someone to not be afraid is because they are afraid.

Myth #2: Courageous people have clarity about the future.

We often tell ourselves that we would go ahead with that dream in our hearts if we only knew what would happen next. We assume that courageous people take acts of courage because somehow they know that in the end it's all going to work out. The truth is that courageous people are just as fuzzy about the future as you and me. They do have clarity though - clarity about a vision, a desired future. But how they will get there? They have no idea. And yet, they take the steps they need to take to begin to see that vision become a reality.

The reality

Fear and uncertainty will never go away as long as you follow Jesus. The truth is that as you follow Jesus and as He begins to transform you, you will begin to dream crazy things. He will start to birth a vision in you that seems ridiculous. And at some point you will have the opportunity to either follow Him in obedience or stay where fear and uncertainty leave you alone. But I can promise you this, that as you choose to be courageous, the call of Jesus will be stronger than the fear and uncertainty. He will strengthen you and will never fail you.

Courage is being willing to do what you already know you should be doing. Many times we hear from God and it scares us so much, that we decide we'll go ahead and start "praying about it" for the next five years. Stop praying about what God has already told you to do. Be obedient.

What are your thoughts? How has fear or uncertainty paralyzed you in the past? What do you think God may be calling you to today?


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