Friday, February 19, 2010

A new look

I revamped the blog a bit today. Mostly just a style change, and added a twitter feed. I'm hoping it inspires me to use it more. I'd like for it to be more interactive, so if you read it let me know you're here.


Like it. Nice theme, almost looks like a wordpress site. Take care bro! See you on Monday? We are still on, I found out that we had a lot of people coming, so I decided to change and still have it.

Looking good. Just a heads up, I was unable to find a link on the church website that would take me to this blog site. The blog link that I was trying kept taking me to the sermon rss???

I haven't been reading it lately but checked it out tonight. I'm looking forward to being in worship for the first time this Sunday!

Nice new look! Looking forward to some more content...inspiring me to start my blogging again.

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