Monday, January 25, 2010


We're in the middle of a series called GROW at STORYCHURCH. In week one, we talked about a principle that Andy Stanley describes in his recent book "The Principle of the Path." It basically says "Direction, not intentions, determines your destination." In that first week, we set a vision for our church and the direction we want to go. We described what we believe is the abundant life Jesus is offering in the kingdom - available here and now, not just someday when we die.

This week, we tackled what I think is one of the most important things to consider if one wants to grow. That is, where you are planted matters more than anything else. Or, as we said - SOIL MATTERS. We talked about the importance of learning from someone else who is already experiencing the abundant life of Jesus. Our environment, the people around us really have a huge impact on what we become. So we looked at a guy named Lot from the book of Genesis - and his decision to plant himself in a place that ultimately led to him losing everything.

Now that we're going strong every week, it's pretty fun to be able to build from one week to the next. I'm looking forward to jumping in to some super practical stuff this next week.

Overall, our third service went really well. We're beginning to realize that we need more hands on deck - especially early in the morning for setup. We're starting to get a system down but it's still taking way too long. And that could easily be fixed with a few extra hands.


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