Monday, October 26, 2009

The long, dark, cold winter...

The day after the Angels are eliminated from the playoffs is a dark day for me every year. There are always the questions of what if, and if they only, and wondering if things could have turned out different. This year it could also mean the departure of three long time Angels - John Lackey, Vlad Guerrero, and Chone Figgins. There is still a World Series coming - which I will watch. But more as a removed baseball fan than a fan of any particular team. I'll pretty much be rooting for the Phillies - I'd love to see a back to back champion not named the Yankees. Pretty much anyone taking on the Yankees is going to get my vote.

Next year the All-Star game will be in Anaheim. I hope to be able to go back to CA and go to the game. I was at the 2002 World Series and fortunately had the opportunity to be at game 7 and watch the Angels win it all. It was the highlight of my sports fan life. I think going to an All-Star game would be the next coolest thing - particularly at my team's field.

As the season ends every year I start thinking about where I'll be by the time the season starts again. I guess for me the calendar year is not as telling as the baseball season. But by the time pitchers and catchers report in late February, our church will be six weeks old. That's a crazy thought. And if all goes well, my son should arrive just in time for opening day. You can bet I'll be holding him that day and introducing him to the greatest game on earth.


I see how it is. Go drink your tea and leave me alone. You just wait, I'm going to make your boys love baseball - then you'll be sorry.

lol. Now stop your sulking! It's just a game!

My boys and baseball? That'll be a challenge I can tell you now.

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