Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Decision

I'm really wrestling lately with a decision that I have to make regarding Story Church. At some point, we have to pick a location - a spot that we will sort of set up shop and seek to impact the area around us. I'm torn though. I love the downtown area, and the proximity to Duke and the opportunity that gives us for ministry to students. And yet, it feels like the area that we live is ripe for a church plant. There are several newer housing developments, very few churches, and no one who is really doing anything new. I know that no matter where we end up, God will use us. My heart and my vision has been to have an influence on the city, and on the campus. But I'm beginning to wonder if that's a bigger vision than where we are at right now. And I wonder if that is my vision, or if it's God's. So I'm going to be seeking quite a bit of wisdom in the coming weeks. Please pray for me and for Story Church as we seek God's direction for us. And help me out with something - how do you make big decisions? How does God speak to you? Do you do anything differently when you are intentionally seeking His voice for something specific?


I'll be praying for you Jeremy for sure, it's a big decision. I'm in the middle of having to make a big decision myself and it's hard to discern what God is telling you and what you are hoping God is telling you. Please pray for me and Kimberly as well.

I just prayed for you... trust in Him!

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