Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Most people that know me understand that I'm a huge baseball fan. Of course, my Angels got swept right out of the playoffs, so naturally I'm rooting for Cleveland to take it to the Red Sox. Part of my daily ritual in the morning is to check out mlb.com as well as ESPN's baseball site to see scores, articles, etc. I was just doing that today and one caught my eye. It is about Paul Byrd, the former Angel, and now current pitcher with the Cleveland Indians who is starting tonight against the Red Sox. The article is entitled "Paul Byrd's struggle to walk with God." I linked it so that you can go there and read it if you want. I was just really blown away by the way this guy lives out his faith in the world of professional baseball. He's not a flashy guy, he readily admits that he doesn't have it all together, and he's totally honest about his struggles with sin like lust and cheating. Anyway, it looks like he'll be publishing a book sometime next year and I'm really looking forward to getting it. I appreciate a guy like him living an honest life, being honest about his struggles, trying to maintain his integrity and play the game well. Far too often "Christian" athletes stand up and thank Jesus for whatever, and then turn around and embarrass us all. So it's a refreshing change. Now let's just hope he can figure out how to pitch to that Red Sox lineup.


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